Long Arm Quilting Estimator Worksheet


Quilt Size (L)_________ X (W)_________ = _________ Sq. Inches


     LEVEL A: $.015/Sq. Inch ----- $__________

          All-over quilting of one pattern.


     LEVEL B: $.025/Sq. Inch ----- $__________

          Separate centers, borders, sashing.


     LEVEL C: $.030/Sq. Inch ----- $__________

          Custom Designs, stitch in the ditch


Quilting Design.

     Edge to edge pantograph ----  Pattern #_______

     Meandering -------------------  Pattern #_______  

     Custom Block -----------------  Pattern #_______                                               

     Borders ------------------------ Pattern #_______ 


Batting                                                                                      Please check choice

     YOU provide (4-6 inches beyond all edges of quilt top) ---  __________


     HBGQ provides:

          Craft (46x36) ---------------------------------------------- $_________

          Crib (60x46) ----------------------------------------------- $_________

          Twin (92x72) ---------------------------------------------- $_________

          Double (96x92) -------------------------------------------  $_________

          Queen (108x92) ------------------------------------------  $_________

          King (120x120) -------------------------------------------  $_________



          ________ YOU provide 2 1/2 inch strips, folded wrong sides together, ironed, and measuring perimeter of quilt top plus 12 inches additional for corners.  HBGQ machines sews to front of quilt and hand stitches to back of quilt.  $.10/linear inch ($20.00 minimum)


          ________ HBGQ cuts from excess fabric, same specifications as above $.40/linear inch ($20.00 minimum)


Thread Charge -----------  $8.00 --- __________


                    SUB TOTAL of Quilt  -------------------- $_____________

                          Tax ($.0625 x cost of quilt) --------- $_____________

                          Postage  - crib/twin ---------------- $_____________

                                             all other sizes ---------- $_____________

                           Insurance ------ TBD ---------------$_____________


                                                      TOTAL -------------$_____________




                                       QUILT TOP PREPARATION


     A properly prepared quilt top will enhance all the hard work you have invested and allow the quilting to make your work really special.

           A.  Backing should extend a minimum of 4 inches beyond quilt top on all sides.

           B.  All loose threads should be trimmed.

           C.  Please iron both top and backing with all seams pressed to one side

           D.  Clearly indicate the top of the quilt and backing with a safety pin.

           E.  Please keep all layers (top, batting and backing) separate  






Sample designs can be found on the next page: However, you are not restricted to those outlined